Don’t Be Passive. Go Forward! A small business owners guide to great SEO

Are you becoming focused on being an entrepreneur? People who want to get out of mediocre job situation and into a different and more productive life and future often start their days with “How did I get into such a rut?”

How can you make your dreams of a better and more creative life and future a reality? Well, sitting behind a computer screen in a business owned and operated by someone else just will not cut it. Surely, you have realized that your boss just wants you to do the standard job in his standard way. Many attempts to improve work flow, increase production or simply do things in a fresh, new way fail because a boss is unwilling or unable to understand changes proposed by the “average” employee. Too much pride is involved and also, a serious reluctance to shake things up and deviate from the same old, tired way of doing things.

So, this begs the question, “What can I do to change my lot in life?” The answer is pretty simple and any entrepreneur or wantrepreneur can get up off his best intentions and do it!

First off, be your own person, and do not fit yourself into a mold that some one else, such as parents or spouse, may have contrived for you. You must learn, and they do, too, that you have to make your own mistakes in order to really grow and learn. Even though this may seem like a losing proposition, in the end, it is a win-win situation.


Second, stop waiting for something to happen or for everything to be perfect before you launch off on your own. The fact is that you waste even more time just waiting. Be excited with what you achieve, even if is just a percentage of what you want to be or to produce. Over time, you will move forward.

In other words, go for it. Make waves. Don’t always walk on the safe side of life but tap into the inner strength you know you have. Passive people go no where.

Third, know how to allocate your time, money and other resources. If part of your plan does not work out, chaulk it up to experience. Learn from it, and always try to improve upon what you have done in the past.

Fourth, formulate a business plan. Do niche research, come up with a business name and logo and use marketing tools such as best small business web sites (with solid small company┬áSEO Melbourne) and business cards. Work on the steps in the plan each and every day, and don’t let down time amount to lost dreams.

Lastly, decide to look realistically at where you are today and where you want to be in a year. Do not let the year go by without forward progress toward your ultimate goal. Try a life that is different and meaningful to you. Follow your heart’s desire and make your business, dream and life the success you really desire.