Protecting Your Files In A Really Simply Way

If you are curious about the latest and smartest of storage ideas for your computer, read through this entry, and you will learn something so simple and so effective, it’s amazing. It comes on the heels of a friend who worries a lot–excessively, really– about losing his data files such as invoices, documents and so on. Because he is so concerned, he puts them into his Dropbox and them places them in Google Drive’s storage up in the cloud.

Frankly, my business files are in Google Drive, and I put all other things in Dropbox. This works for me. I am a fan of both.

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Of course, while storage in the cloud is awesome, there are the awful anecdotes of files getting hacked or simply getting lost out there in some sort of digital netherworld. What the every day user, the small business administrator or cheap website designer is unlikely to testify to is that the Dropbox was hacked into or that the Google server lost absolutely everything. Fortunately, things like that do not happen simultaneously with Dropbox or Google.

Remember, both Dropbox and the Google venue give people an app to put on your computer to access everything you have stored. It all works together. So, if you worry a lot about whether or not you will lose your files, place your Google drive stuff in your Dropbox folder. Your items will be, in effect, backed up to 2 global cloud storage companies.

This is so simple, people don’t think of it, or think it will never work. So how many users have really tried this technique? They should, and then they won’t be worried about the small business hack.