Ice Rehab Services In Melbourne

With drug addiction, are we hooked on a particular lifestyle and substance…or do we just crave the sensation we receive from these things?

Perhaps you could argue that we enjoy the chemical release of mood elevating chemicals, like serotonin and dopamine. Why and how are these chemicals released? And how does coping with the associated feelings prevent the addiction?

In our Victoria drug rehab center, our primary focus is based on this concept. It has a proven track record, and virtually everyone who participates in our ground breaking program is able to overcome their addiction.

The media teaches us that we should be upbeat and positive the whole time. On social network sites, this is the image we try to portray to the world. Similarly, when we meet with family and friends, we put up this facade in order to appear ‘normal’. Eventually, the pressure accumulates.

Now, consider how great it would be if there was a substance, which is affordable or provided to you free of charge, which can be prepared and consumed in about ten minutes. Suddenly, you experience a sense of elation, and a feeling of peacefulness, relief and love for the world that you never previously felt. Based on which drug you took, this might last twenty minutes or three days.

However, once the substance leaves your system, you begin to feel down again. Before you know it, all those problems that vanished while you were high resurface, and the stress returns.

During our rehabilitation research, we wanted to find out whether it was possible to produce feelings of elation without having to use drugs.

We made it our mission to learn more about the feelings you experience when all your troubles have vanished, and when all your problems, trauma and previous pain has gone. We wanted to know whether this state of mind could be naturally induced.

We discovered that the solution was to repair mental wounds, and challenge the beliefs we form about ourselves — which often hold us back. This way, we can regain self respect and be inquisitive in a childlike way, but also be self aware and accountable for the decisions we make.

Thanks to our cutting edge rehabilitation techniques, which we have developed ourselves with the help of our clients, we can induce these positive feelings naturally. People who undergo our programs experience an increased level of contentment and joyful emotions.

If you encounter negative feelings, this indicates that there is something within you that needs healing. Many people try to cope with this through negative behavior. It is important that people are made aware when they stray from a positive path, because otherwise they can fall into a downward spiral. Associating with positive, optimistic people is a key part of this process.

Hopefully, this had provided a useful overview of the work we do in our Melbourne Ice Rehab Center. If you wish to learn how to get off ice, please get in touch with us today.