Getting The Right Speaker And Catering For Your Seminar Event

You can’t always judge a book by its cover. You may picture a Rockstar speaker as having long, flaming golden hair with tight muscles and some quirky makeup. There’s a very popular saying going around on the Internet that says (paraphrase) “not all heroes wear a cape.” This could absolutely apply to today’s modern Rockstar presenter.

So if your Rockstar speaker isn’t so over in their stage appearance, could they possess other qualities that will help them to pull it off? We have talked with some very professional industry people and together we’ve come up with a help guide for any corporate manager who wants to hire the best person for their event.

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Your Rockstar Speaker Must be Engaging

When you talk to them, are they engaging and interesting? Do they keep you intrigued and on waiting for every word? Do they enchant you and hold your attention or do they make you yawn and wish they would finish in a hurry? These are important questions to ask and to find out before hiring a Rockstar speaker.

They Must be Knowledgeable

A Rockstar speaker will be well versed in the topic of the day. They must come across as being an expert in the field, impressive, and in command of the facts. If the topic is ‘seminar catering’ they should have a ‘better than working knowledge’ of that subject. They should understand about corporate finger food and all the small but crucial details of catering Melbourne.

To be a knowledgeable speaker they need to know what will take place at the seminar from start to finish. Any truly good seminar will involve the audience, who will no doubt have knowledge of the topic themselves and may ask questions. A good Rockstar speaker will not be caught off guard by a question they can’t answer. Audience participation brings a seminar to life and keeps people from falling asleep. Lectures can be long and boring but interacting with the audience brings the event to life.

Leadership display

Tony Robbins once said that ‘givers’ make the best leaders. They know how to listen as well as share their knowledge. Effective listening is an invaluable tool when engaging with others in a common topic. A great speaker who is interacting with the audience will have this ability.

How Do They Hold Their Presentation

You want a speaker who can lay out his case in a systematic, easy-to-understand way. They should have the ability to get their point across and still keep the audience engaged. They can take advantage of effective tools like PowerPoint and different screen shots to drive home the facts they want to convey. They need to be able to hold the audience’s attention at all times.

A good speaker will have the entire seminar well planned. They should know how to go from audience participation to their PowerPoint presentation and back, all before they even take the stage.

Equipment Knowledge

Your speaker should know what equipment will best enable them to put on the best seminar possible. Do they have a wireless microphone? Most Rockstars would surely have a flawless microphone technique. A good sound system with strategically placed speakers is a must. Clarity is crucial to the delivery. When you attend an event where the speaker is hard to hear it really distracts you and curbs your enthusiasm for the entire presentation.

Does your speaker talk too fast or too slow? Speaking in a smooth, even tone at an easy-to-follow speed is part of what makes a really good speaker. Knowing when to interject humor is another great quality that you find in Rockstar speakers. Humor keeps the audience receptive and in a good mood. It’s engaging. It’s fun. It’s effective.

Microphone Skills

A good speaker will know how to keep the proper distance between their mouths and the microphone. I’ve tried to listen to speakers who put their mouths too close to the microphone causing their speech to blur. They pick up all kinds of unnecessary and unflattering noises that are distracting to the audience.

When a speaker is engaged in conversation and suddenly there is ‘speaker feedback’ coming from the audio speakers, it can be very distracting. It makes the whole presentation appear to be thrown together haphazardly and cheap.


Whatever the subject of the seminar you want your speaker to be able to ‘back up’ what they are saying. For example, could you imagine giving a seminar on home ownership with a speaker who is renting? People will check into it and they will find out. Some may have come armed with the knowledge already. It can totally discredit anything the speaker says. You want the right speaker that will match your event theme and message.

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Take a Snack Break

Any good seminar will have a break to let people stretch their legs and grab something to drink. Be sure to add in a delicious corporate finger food to your seminar catering. It’s good to let the audience have a few minutes to socialize and meet new people. They can share ideas and opinions and re-energize with some finger foods before returning for more intriguing information.