Our friends @ Hume Steel – Melbourne Engineering Company

At HUME STEEL Engineering, we specialize in the Fabricating and Manufacturing of products for several local industries.

We also custom make products from the Design and Fabrication stage to the Installation and Repairs of your Industrial Machinery, for Fabrication and Maintenance Service suppliers.

earth moving equipment fabrication

Both locally and nationally, Hume Steel and Engineering specializes in the steel fabrication Melbourne and creation of products suited to satisfy a wide variety of uses. We create metal products from the ground up, and can also design and install whatever your custom manufactured needs may be.

With a vast number of years in the trade to our credit, you can be assured that we possess the capabilities and perseverance to satisfactorily complete your job to the highest standard.

Our Experience lies the areas of Fitting and Turning, CNC Machining as well as Plant repairs including the Maintenance of Earth Moving and Mining Machinery.

Our expertise enables us to conduct Plant repairs on Turning & Fitting, CNC Machining, Mining & Earth Moving machinery etc.

References are available in Customised Shop Fittings and Food Trucks, and we also are accustomed to Architectural Fabrication.

The staff at HUME STEEL have a mixture of experience in several industries, including Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Printing and Packaging, Structural Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel Fabrications and Specialty Design, Project Management and Implementation.

Contact us today to discuss or schedule a meeting to determine your specific needs. We definitely look forward to hearing from you.

If you have need of our services, call us to find out how we will be able to satisfactorily serve your needs.