Ice Rehab Services In Melbourne

With drug addiction, are we hooked on a particular lifestyle and substance…or do we just crave the sensation we receive from these things?

Perhaps you could argue that we enjoy the chemical release of mood elevating chemicals, like serotonin and dopamine. Why and how are these chemicals released? And how does coping with the associated feelings prevent the addiction?

In our Victoria drug rehab center, our primary focus is based on this concept. It has a proven track record, and virtually everyone who participates in our ground breaking program is able to overcome their addiction.

The media teaches us that we should be upbeat and positive the whole time. On social network sites, this is the image we try to portray to the world. Similarly, when we meet with family and friends, we put up this facade in order to appear ‘normal’. Eventually, the pressure accumulates.

Now, consider how great it would be if there was a substance, which is affordable or provided to you free of charge, which can be prepared and consumed in about ten minutes. Suddenly, you experience a sense of elation, and a feeling of peacefulness, relief and love for the world that you never previously felt. Based on which drug you took, this might last twenty minutes or three days.

However, once the substance leaves your system, you begin to feel down again. Before you know it, all those problems that vanished while you were high resurface, and the stress returns.

During our rehabilitation research, we wanted to find out whether it was possible to produce feelings of elation without having to use drugs.

We made it our mission to learn more about the feelings you experience when all your troubles have vanished, and when all your problems, trauma and previous pain has gone. We wanted to know whether this state of mind could be naturally induced.

We discovered that the solution was to repair mental wounds, and challenge the beliefs we form about ourselves — which often hold us back. This way, we can regain self respect and be inquisitive in a childlike way, but also be self aware and accountable for the decisions we make.

Thanks to our cutting edge rehabilitation techniques, which we have developed ourselves with the help of our clients, we can induce these positive feelings naturally. People who undergo our programs experience an increased level of contentment and joyful emotions.

If you encounter negative feelings, this indicates that there is something within you that needs healing. Many people try to cope with this through negative behavior. It is important that people are made aware when they stray from a positive path, because otherwise they can fall into a downward spiral. Associating with positive, optimistic people is a key part of this process.

Hopefully, this had provided a useful overview of the work we do in our Melbourne Ice Rehab Center. If you wish to learn how to get off ice, please get in touch with us today.


Keeping the office clean in just a few simple steps.

Keeping yourself organized can be a big challenge, whether you are in a small business office space which is cramped, or you are working out of a small room in your home. For any office environment, a messy and cluttered desk is not ideal, but the truth is that the time wasted searching for office tools and needed documents simply cannot be replaced, and your productivity will certainly be lessened. Take a look at a few valuable suggestions that will help you to be much more organized.

Eliminate Those Old Papers
The truth of the matter is that so many of those papers cramping your quarters are most likely of no use to you anymore. Take the time to sort through those papers, and ask yourself if you truly need them. If the answer is no, get rid of them. Then organize a new system and cater it to your specific needs. And train yourself to think through, before printing, whether or not you truly need that paper you are considering printing. Do not waste time, paper, and filing on those things truly not that important for future reference.

Separate Pleasure and Business
It is so important to keep distractions away, no matter where it is that you do your work. Have a designated mail location so as to keep your home office free of distractions, and make sure you tell family members to make the necessary efforts to keep your work area clear of toys, tech gadgets, and anything else not related to your work. In the case of office employees, a big productivity killer can be smart phones, and cell phones. In a designated location, maintain your phone. Schedule specific break times to check it, rather than responding every time you hear it click.

Maintain Clean Floors
Very often, floors will get overlooked in an office environment, even though they are constantly being exposed to the world outside. So much junk is dragged in by people, dust, grime, and all sorts of other things, and these things build up quickly. This is why you should make a weekly practice of regular carpet steam cleaning, and also, at regular intervals you want to give a good steam clean to the carpets and floors. The fact of the matter is that if you go over a carpet that you just vacuumed, you will be shocked at the amount of grime you will put out. This is why small business carpet cleaning is just so important.

Keep Often-Used Items and Supplies Separate
A spot on your desk should be reserved for those daily use items you need like Post-It Notes, planners, pens, and your laptop. Other items such as envelopes, paper clips, staplers, and tape can be neatly stored in the drawers. This way, they are accessible easily, but will not take up valuable desk space.

Organize Your Computer
You want to clear up your virtual desktop, when it starts becoming obscured with icons. Then you want to take those items you will need again, and file them away. Those items you will not be needing should go to the recycle bin. These efforts will save you so much time when you need to search for documents.

Slow Things Down
Finding the proper time is one of the pitfalls to proper organization. Make the effort to organize your space properly, so that items, supplies, and files are simple to find. After you get things set properly, make certain that you maintain it. Doing so will certainly save you a lot of time moving forward.

Stay On Top Of Carpet Stain Removal
When you see that spot that seems to have been there forever, make the effort to get rid of it. The truth of the matter is that it is not going to simply disappear by itself!

The truth of the matter is that maintaining a tidy place to work and carpet stain removal is not really that hard to do. It simply takes a consistent, and steady effort on your part.


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Consult Your Professional Organiser Melbourne

Top Tips to Eliminate the Paper Clutter – in less than 10 mins a day!

Paper clutter seems to present the most problems for many to control, both at home or in the office. On a daily basis we are bombarded with paper from all over and it can get out of control quickly, if you do not know how to manage it well. It then becomes an overwhelming task, which requires the assistance of a home organiser or office organiser.

1. Identify the source
What is the source of all this paper and where does it end up? The main sources include printed emails, junk mail, newspapers and several written lists. Do you operate with a single in tray system or do you have paper scattered on the table, in the home office, kitchen bench and other places?

2. Put a stop to it before it reaches your In Tray.
Unwanted subscriptions should be cancelled, a “no junk mail” sign should be visible and your post should be opened over a shredder and recycling bin, prior to placing the important ones in the In Tray. Unwanted advertising fliers can be recycled but any credit card offers or personal information must be shredded, to prevent identity theft.

3. Use technology to your advantage.
Think carefully before printing emails or information from the Internet. Articles, news and emails can be perused online and any documents which may be required in the future, filed as soft copies in a folder on your computer or in the Cloud. You will be able to access documents on the Cloud from multiple devices. Eliminate multiple calendars and post it notes, and transfer the information to a single calendar and task list, such as is available on Google or Outlook.

business professional organiser Melbourne

4. Tackle your existing piles of paper.
Although these habits will help you, the piles you already have need to be tackled. You can start a new habit today and work gradually. Use a timer for 5-10 minutes as you pick a pile to work through – you will be amazed at how much you accomplish. My office organizer system is called RAFT (Read, Action, File or Throw), which is quite simple and helps me to make quick decisions regarding each piece of paper. The main objective is the placement of each piece of paper, in its rightful place when you have finished. Everything will not necessarily be completed, but you will be able to locate each item when you need it to be actioned.

5. Schedule time to action papers.
Scheduling the action for efficient management of papers is the secret. Once you decide when you are planning to action, record the start date (not the due date) and file accordingly for you to follow up. On the due date, retrieve the document, and follow the RAFT system. Repetition of the same task regularly, will enable the set up of a weekly schedule. You could also use a tickler system with documents filed temporarily according to month, week or day, for future action.

home organiser Melb

6. Create a good filing system.
The lack of a good filing system results in most persons becoming overwhelmed. It is therefore advisable to invest in a good system that is suitable for your needs, to locate and retrieve information with relative ease and speed. About 85% of the information you file is not usually referred to again, so only important documents need to be retained. Clear out the unnecessary ones on an annual basis at least. Scanning of documents helps reduce the paper as well, and important original documents need to be stored in labelled boxes and archived with the content details and a destruction date.

Don’t let your paper clutter overwhelm you. Place documents where they belong, which may even be in the bin, recycler or shredder! I trust these tips were helpful and as your professional organiser Melbourne, I am always willing to reduce your paper mountains and provide solutions to keep your paperwork flowing.

Etax Is Your Solution To A Favorable Tax Return

Ten Easy Ways You Can Pay Less on Your Taxes

We asked our very best accountants who handle our small business accounting, to explain to us 10 easy ways for paying out less taxes to the government every year, and keep more money we’ve earned by the sweat of our brow. They were chock full of answers and all of them legal.

Here are some simple habits they explained to us that will help you save money and pay less taxes:
(1). Keep Great Records – This is their #1 suggestion for paying less taxes. Be sure to claim each and every expense you have coming to you. This helps the entire process to flow along smoothly. Organize yourself and stay organized all year round. It’s not that hard to do.


Maintaining good records is not rocket science. It’s very easy if you take around five minutes every week to place all your receipts into a place that’s easy for you to access and will keep them safe and all together. Update them weekly. As accountants for small businesses Melbourne, we will guarantee that doing just this one thing is going to save you a lot of pain come the end of the year. You’ll also be paying less on your taxes.

(2). Charity Works in Your Favor

Most people are not aware that each donation they make over $2.00 and made out to a registered charity can be deducted on their taxes. Receipts are given when you make a donation, and when it’s tax time and you have those receipts, you’re allowed to claim them as tax deductions on the preceding year. Donating to good causes enables you to pay less on your taxes.

Always remember to place your receipts into the folder you’ve prepared. When it comes time to do your taxes, you’ll know right where they are and you can claim those extra deductions and pay less on your taxes.

NOTE: Donations will not show up directly on your next tax return. They get subtracted from the amount of your taxable income. That means you’ll be getting back a percentage that is determined by your level of income and your rate of taxation.

(3). Claim Everything You Have Coming to You

When you incur work-related expenses you can claim those expenditures and pay less on your taxes. Things like transportation, tools, work clothes, and other work-related expenses are claimable. Claiming these types of deductions is one of your most powerful weapons against paying more taxes. Keep all the receipts from anything you spend that is related to your work. Even if you aren’t sure if it’s deductible, it’s better to have it and get nothing for it, than to not have it and be able to get something for it. For things that are ‘partly’ for work and ‘partly personal’, you are allowed to claim what they call an ‘apportioned’ deduction.

(4). Get Advice From Tax Pros

Many times small business accoutants in Melbourne or a tax agents can really be a lifesaver. They can improve on the amount of your tax return. That’s why all the statistics regarding ATOs reveal that 70% of all Australians choose to engage the services of tax agents like

We are the tax experts here at Etax. We employ the latest updated methods and carry in-depth knowledge in the area of tax laws and all the newest changes. We could quite possible find that you’re entitled to many deduction you weren’t even aware of, or maybe find some kind of an offset you never knew existed. Our people are always finding little mistakes that can slow a taxpayer’s refund down or maybe even spark an audit. One of the best parts of our services is that Etax online return costs are minimal and you can claim the as a deduction as well.

(5). The Medicare Levy Surcharge

People who don’t have their own private insurance policy, once they have an income that goes above $90,000 (as a single) or $180,000 (as a family), they still have to pay out a minimum of 1% more (Medicare Levy Surcharge). This 1% is paid out on top of the mandatory 2% Medicare Levy that most all Australian taxpayers pay out.

(6). Never Skip Small Items

It doesn’t matter if your deductions come to $2, $5, or $50, it all ads up during a year’s time. Make sure you keep immaculate records and all your receipts, regardless of how small or petty they may seem at the time. Believe me, the amount will surprise you when you file for your return. Contact Etax and let a small business xero expert show you the ins and outs of filing the best return for your specific situation.

Square Peg, Round Hole: RWD is not the answer

In his book, Ethan Marcotte (who coined the term ‘Responsive Web Design’) states “But most importantly, responsive web design isn’t intended to serve as a replacement for mobile web sites.” Much of the controversy regarding RWD is a result of people using RWD instead of specific mobile sites as a long-term solution, rather than in addition to a mobile site or until a mobile site can be made.

Ethan coirned the term RWD

At first, Responsive Web Design appears to be an amazing solution. A responsive site means that you only need to make one site, which in turn means that there is less maintenance and Search Engine Optimisation needed, and therefore it is not as expensive. This may appear to be an advantage, but it isn’t.


RWD is cheaper, but ‘cheaper’ very rarely coincides with ‘better’. A responsive site is made for all devices, but this also means that it isn’t made specifically for one. A platform-specific user interface will usually lead to a better user experience than a generic user interface. RWD is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Another major flaw of RWD is its data usage. RWD assumes that the device is desktop, and then scales it according to the device. This means that a RWD site will load excessive data that it won’t even use, such as full resolution images that are too big for the screen. Considering that mobile data is severely limited, wasting data on unnecessary detail is simply not acceptable. If your site chews through your user’s mobile data, they are going to stop using your site.


Senior Account Manager at SiteMinis Randy Ferree argues that a responsive design is better than no mobile-optimised experience at all, but responsive design is only a temporary solution to a bigger problem.


A sentiment is shared by Patrick Emmons, director of professional services at Adage Technologies, who states that responsive design is a “smart move”, as it is “easy and safe…if you don’t have the resources to invest in a specific platform.”


The appeal behind RWD is that it is cheap and (comparatively) easy compared to a full-fledged mobile site, which makes it suitable for individuals or small companies. However, for large companies RWD is not acceptable, as it offers an inferior user experience than a dedicated mobile site. Companies that treat their users poorly tend to not have customers for very long if those customers have any choice. Offering an inferior experience to mobile users in order to save money will make those users feel as though they are regarded as inferior customers, and they will instead use an alternative that offers a more complete mobile experience.


If you can afford mobile website design, you should make one. A mobile user is no different than any other user, and they should be treated as such.

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Good Reasons To Hire A Small Business Accountant In Melbourne

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Melbourne Small Business Accountant

Everybody gets a little stressed out when tax time rolls around. They hate the thought of being audited. I wonder what they’d do if they knew there was a great way to put their minds at ease and end the stress? There really is a way to pull this off – hire an accountant.

A good thing about having an accountant is that their services are much more valuable than just for tax purposes, especially if you run a small business. It’s true that many small business owners see hiring an accountant as just another expense that only the huge corporations can deal with. That is simply not the case. Here are reasons you need to hire a small business accountant melbourne –

(1). Time and Money Savings – When you try to handle your own small business accounting you are using up time that you could be earning more money. An accountant would only cost you a small part of what you earn. They would also do a much better job on the accounting as well as on many other parts of your business. It actually ‘saves’ you money to hire an accountant. It doesn’t need to be on a full-time basis, just enough to get the job done.

There have many small business owners down through the years who tried to handle their accounting responsibilities themselves, believing it would save them money. In the end they lost out big time. They put in hours of work for no return.

(2). Accountants know how to help you work in stride with the government calculator. Everyone is well aware of the unforgiving nature of the government when it comes to taxes. Having accountant helps you avoid any pitfalls that could put your business in danger of going under. They keep you abreast of new tax laws, new tax codes, and do many other things like –

Prepare Periodic Account Statements
Maintain Records of Expenditures & Revenues
Handle Your Loan Applications
Organize the Stock Allocations
Manage Your Payroll

tax time accounting Melbourne

and many other functions that will take a lot of heat and pressure off of you, so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

(3). They Give Valuable Advice – Accountants are excellent business plan creators. They are up on the latest in software innovations and can help you create very important financial projections. Having a great business plan is crucial to your success.

(4). They Can Help Avoid Losing Money – This is the same as ‘saving’ you money. They watch out for your financial plan by calculating more efficient ways of applying your cost outlay. Money better spent is money saved. It brings you a better ROI.

(5). They Help Get Loans Easier – With an accountant backing your financial structure the banks see how serious you are. An accountant will ensure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted, which looks good on your loan application. They also understand all about the loan process and can advise you on how to fill out the paperwork.

accounting for growth

It only makes good sense when you own a small business to invest in it by hiring a small business accountants melbourne.

Why Select ABC Insight for your Business?

Everything is approached proactively at ABC Insight, which you can grow your company as well as your profit margin making use of our management accounting services. Our business analysis and financial reporting will your dig your way to achieving lesser expenses and much more efficiencies.

We could source the best recommendation wherever and whenever necessary because we have developed a solid network or related professionals covering all fields in legal, financial planning and mortgage broking.

We are well rounded in all areas of accounting. It takes a great length of time to achieve good relationships with our clientele. This relationship fuels our commitment to assisting our customers achieve their financial goals and reduce complexity, which diverts our clients’ attention to real opportunities.

We have worked with businesses to offer direction and aid them reach their objectives. Due to this, we’re more thrilled to make you a happy, life-long client.

We are situated in Hawthorn, Melbourne and we support clientele throughout Australia.

It is renowned for ABC Insight to give high quality service to customers that require business structural advice, cloud accounting, management accounting, self-managed super funds, compliance and taxation services.

Clients can also anticipate real-time access to their accounts while dealing with us because we also have specialty in Xero cloud accounting solutions. This guarantees companies to have maximum potential. Anywhere. Whenever.

Small Business Accounting Melbourne


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10 Things You Should Take into account With Rented Office Space

At some point, working in a community of small business proprietors could at times be frustrating particularly in when things get out of hand with Cheltenham office space for rent.

Below are great tips that everybody can consider on board to making working in a shared office space not only manageable, but enjoyable as well!

1. Fun! Is not restricted to huge company owners, those who belong in the bracket of small company could also savor and feel the “FUN”. In some situations, this is the only thing that could make the day worthwhile. Wear a smile and don’t let the negatives enter your zen space. Remember that smiles are contagious as what the famous saying goes. Those smiles will bring in positivity towards the entire environment including the people within the place. This action will not only put a good aura within you but you will have the opportunity to share it also.board room for hire

2. Embrace your zen, bring your little pleasures to work. It may be some great pot plants, it can be a picture of your family. Whatever small touches you are able to take to not only customise your own workplace, but also make it a place of happiness, the more productive you’ll become every single day. Sure it would be great if all offices would enable you to bring in pets, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

3. Never bring your bad mood to work, we all have our hang-ups and bad days, we don’t have to vent it on others. Everybody has their own problems going and don’t need somebody else trampling in and adding to the mix. It would be a more irritating day of work if everybody will be occupied managing their own issues. Now, stop thinking of that for a second and think about the complete opposite, everybody helping each other achieve their goals. This will certainly be a great idea.

4. Nobody would like to sit in silence, let’s get some tunes that everyone can savor happening. For myself I’ve often had quite distinct tastes to everyone else, but there is always music that everyone can relish. Soothing music will do and will certainly put everybody in a good note. Always remember what mother’s always states, “ It doesn’t need to be a rock concert”.

Cheltenham space

5. Don’t be afraid to chip in, shared office spaces are inexpensive and survive with a great small community of business owners. If there is a communal fridge and you’re continually dipping in to it, grab a slab of water, or drinks to keep everybody’s supplies topped up.

6. Talk with your office buddies, sure you may be in different businesses all together, but there’s no reason we can’t all be friends. It just adds to a better working ambiance, which is lacking in all too many offices. Who knows, a simple discussion with a fellow businessman/businesswoman could easily turn into them selling you to someone they recognize. Networking 101.

7. Keep your space tidy, nobody wants their workplace to appear like a dump site. Most of the time bins are provided, but you are ultimately responsible for your area. If you find your rubbish bins are filling up, get rid of it when you finish up for the day. It’s not a matter of just being considerate but its more on getting making your space more rewarding for work.

8. Always make newbies feel welcome because you might end up becoming friends in the long run. Again, this will also result in building your own great business networking skills as well.
9. You have to be responsible with your guests, ensure you will lead them accordingly within your space. Because your guests aren’t acquainted with the 10 Commandments of the awesome office space you are part of, it could easily disrupt the natural balance and Commandment 3 could easily get trampled on quite unintentionally.

10. Be kind and disseminate work. If you can give work to somebody at the office and hook somebody you know up with someone you trust to get the work done, do it. You don’t need to be a genius to find out what you ca n do to make someone opinion of you change or develop more on the good side. If you’re regularly connecting people up, suddenly this makes you a key person of influence, generally speaking, that’s the person you must strive to be.

You might find it very direct. Living up to this commandments will lead you towards success and will ultimately put everyone in the winning end.

Wishing your business well and may it flourish into something beyond what you have envisioned it to be.

Why ‘your friend’ will not capture the essence of your wedding day

A wedding is a stressful event. Months or even years of planning over venues, dresses, songs, vows, invitations, and a million other things are finally coming to fruition, and you’ll be overcome by a desire to micromanage in order to make sure that your perfect day really is perfect. You must resist this temptation. Unfortunately, your wedding will never 100% match how you envisioned it. This is not a bad thing. Spontaneity is a part of life, and if you embrace it, your wedding will be just as amazing as you want it to be. A wedding is meant to be a day of happiness, and it will be impossible for you to fully enjoy it if you are busy running around trying to manage everyone and everything. This is why a wedding photographer is essential.

Behind the scenes

The average ​professional wedding photographer in Melbourne might be expensive, but the benefits significantly outweigh the cost. How are you meant to have an authentic experience when you are constantly disrupting the festivities in order to take photos? If you have hired a photographer then the photos will be real moments that have been permanently captured for you to reminisce over, rather than staged pictures that were artificially created. A wedding photographer allows for your wedding to be recorded as it actually happened, telling the real story of the happiest day of your life, which makes the photos much more valuable.

Secondly, while you might think that the ability to use Instagram makes you a photographer, the harsh reality is that doesn’t. Your wedding photos are something that will last multiple lifetimes, something that you’ll be able to show your grandkids. For the sake of posterity, you’ll want your wedding album to be of high quality. The chances of you being able to take photos that are of a similar quality to a professionals are slim-to-none. A wedding only happens once so you won’t have the opportunity to re-take the photos. If the camera is in the hands of a professional, you can be confident that your wedding photos will be beautiful and timeless, thanks to their countless hours of experience.

In fact, it might even be worthwhile to invest in a wedding videographer in addition to a photographer, that way you can watch back your entire wedding at a later time if you want to relive those wonderful memories in much more detail. This also has the additional benefit of allowing you capture multiple perspectives of the wedding at the same time, so that you can see things that you may not have been able to see in person during your wedding.

There are plenty of places that offer wedding tips and advice , but the most important thing to remember is that the wedding is about you and your significant other. Make sure that you have fun, and the other stuff won’t bother you.

The Do’s and Dont’s on your wedding day

Excellent websites make more cash.

It’s the main reason we are around. Every company, both huge and small, requires a properly designed web site. Most businessmen make use of the Web to look for suppliers and many people want to do company with companies who have a strong internet presence, ie one that has gone through large amounts of small business SEO, or one that markets with Pay Per Click advertisements. Businesses with an excellent search engine ranking and a strong presentation have a clear advantage on those that do not. Never ever give your company measures up to the opportunity to take bargains from under your nose. Develop a fantastic website to maximise company potential. A great web designer will be able to ensure your site looks the way your consumers require it to be to feel safe to purchase from you.

An Internet Website Makes a Start-up Company Operate Effectively

Browse friendly sites give niche businesses a simple methods to having brand-spanking-new clients discover them. A properly designed websites assists a business to run smoothly and effectively. Market your items or services online and potential clients can locate them rapidly and easily. Cleverly designed web sites are filled with present content that can be upgraded at a moment’s

Websites Are A Cheap Means To Market Your Small Biz

Buying a professional best small business website designer typically brings excellent monetary rewards. Calling consumers personally requires time, and time costs loads of money. Web sites offer a low-cost method of finding brand-new customers and an excellent internet presence will unavoidably spend for itself over an amount of time, allowing you to invest capital into growing your small companies Search Engine Optimization efforts.

A Website Enhances Company Perception

Individuals prefer to handle credible businesses and a properly designed, high ranking internet site develops a favorable impression. Providing your company in a good light offers prospective consumers a great insight into your business. Well presented business get trustworthiness in business world, so it is necessary to provide your company confidently and with passion.

An Internet Presence Can Transform Prospects as a Sales Tool

Where Search Engine Optimization is marketing, a website is your sales conversion device. All small companies ought to focus on producing new leads and inexpensive list building helps new companies to grow and grow. The internet is a great way of marketing your business online and a comprehensive site will certainly contain everything existing customers have to suggest your business. A fantastic web design is a virtual business card and present customers can suggest your business to others.

Produce Pre-qualified Leads with a The Competence of a Business Web Designer

Pre-qualify your business leads with an extensive business internet site and not your “extra” time. A lot can be picked up from looking at a site and prospective customers search for vibrant sites that are upgraded routinely. Growing companies need an excellent web discussion that sets their business apart from others.

Customers can Easily Gain access to Websites at Anytime They’d Like.

Individuals utilize the Internet to find products and services and a top quality site makes their shopping experience more enjoyable. Potential buyers can see items and inspect rates on an internet site and this saves them money and time. Buyers don’t wish to invest priceless time seeing goods and comparing costs when they can see the products by means of an internet site.

The fact that potential customers and clients alike can browse or purchase from your website at a time that is hassle-free to them suggests the opportunities of prospect conversion will substantially rise.

Begin your journey here…


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