Professional Office Cleaning Is A Science And An Art

Office cleaning is a task that most people shy away from, especially during the winter months. It’s hard to be energetic when you come in out of the cold and hit the warm air. It makes you want to just lay down and go to sleep. It makes it really difficult to get excited about office cleaning.

However, this is one task that cannot be put off. It is vitally important and here are several reasons why:

A Clean Office is Good For Your Health

A clean office helps prevent sickness. In the winter people catch a lot of viruses that can be passed along to others through airborne germs and bacteria. Colds and flu bugs become much more prevalent during the winter. Maintaining a clean office environment is key to keeping the spreading of these viruses down. Some of these viruses can be carried from one person to another when they are as far away as 6 feet from one another.

Office air is circulating all the time which exposes more people to germs and bacteria. If an office is properly disinfected and regularly cleaned, it cuts down on the likelihood of people getting sick.

A Clean Office is Good for Morale

Maintaining a clean office is good for employee morale and tends to put potential clients in a more agreeable mood. When a client comes into an office with soggy, muddy floors they don’t feel as eager to do business as when the floors are spotless and the environment is fresh and cozy. A clean, good-smelling office is an impressive way to begin client relations. Their first impression will stick with them from that day forward. When they think of your business they will remember their impression of that visit.

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Office Cleaning Tips

Just how do you begin to clean your office spaces? If winter is arriving ‘when’ is the best time to get started? What should you tackle first?

These are all good questions and they have solid answers. Nothing in this guide is ‘cut and dried’ but these are tips that are proven to be successful. With that said, let’s start by saying your windows should be of utmost importance. Clean windows not only look better but they let more light shine through. As winter arrives a lot of leaves with dirt and debris are blown up against your windows, making things look dark and gloomy inside.

A clean window allows the sunlight to shine through which makes people feel warm and cozy inside. It also works the opposite way, allowing people to see the great view awaiting them just outside your windows.

Clean Air is Crucial to a Clean Office Environment

Maintaining the HVAC system is a must-do. Many people contract bugs and viruses as the weather changes and the air inside of an office can become polluted with them. It takes a well-maintained, effective HVAC system to ensure that everyone is breathing clean air. The filters must be changed regularly.

Along with a properly maintained HVAC system it’s always a good idea to have plants sitting around that can help to purify the air. They are very decorative but also serve a vital function for keeping clean air in the office.


A good way to kill the germs that come in with winter traffic is to disinfect the area. Furniture arms, water fountain buttons, and any place that gets touched a lot during office operations, need to be disinfected regularly to stop the spreading of germs. People sit and sneeze and cough into their hands and all over the furniture. It’s important to clean those areas before others catch what they have.

Calling Up Your Local Cleaning Professionals

The truth is that cleaning is as much a science and art as it is a necessity. Professional cleaners Melbourne will surprise you by their knowledge of where to clean, how to clean, what cleaners to use and which ones not to use, how often to clean, and how to create a safe office environment that people can enjoy with a minimal amount of health risks. They can do a far better job than someone unskilled and untrained.

Office janitorial services play a huge role in maintaining a health working environment. This is especially true during the cold winter months, even though their skills are actually needed all year ’round.

They can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your office is as clean as it can get. Your floors will be spotless, your windows will shine, and all the hotspots will be germ-free. You’re sure to make a good impression on all your clients and have a happy staff there to serve them.

Melbourne has many office cleaning services available to any office that wants to take advantage of their knowledge and skills. They are ready and able to clean your office without cleaning out your wallet. Look them up and give them a call and get that peace of mind spoken of above.

Geen Cleaning Products Rule For Cleaners In Melbourne

These days there is no excuse for cleaning the home or workplaces in an environmentally unfriendly way. So if you want the best cleaning services and indeed friendly cleaners Melbourne has to offer, read on.

Traditionally, bathroom cleaning will be achieved using such products as glass cleaners, disinfectants and acid bowl cleaners. Although they are excellent at doing the job, the problem is their negative effects on the environment and users, due to the toxicity of their ingredients. Also, some cleaners are certainly not renewable due to being made from petroleum ingredients. So wouldn’t using a water based product be a greener option?

Another negative from the traditional cleaning techniques used by home owners and residential companies is the way they clean surfaces with white cotton cloths. As these cloths are moved across different surfaces and areas there is always the risk of cross-contaminating the surfaces.

Bathroom floor cleaning also has its downside as the floors are cleaned with a sponge mop, cotton mop or rag after being swept with a dust mop or broom.

The solution is to employ a greener way of cleaning.

With bathrooms, cleaning with environmentally friendly tools, products and methods means an overall safer, efficient and cleaner process. Start the changeover by choosing products that pose fewer dangers to the environment, human and aquatic life. Local distributors usually hold at least one certified, non-hazardous, eco-friendly product.

Of course, bathroom cleaning holds the risk of cross-contaminating surface during disinfection. Avoid this by using microfiber cloths that are color-coded. For example:

Yellow: Toilets
Red: Taps and mirrors
Blue:Benchtops and sinks

When it comes to vacuum cleaning the floor in a green way, use a cleaner with an approved, high quality HEPA filter. This is better than sweeping that caused dust to become airborne and spreads soil particles into crevices.

For green mopping of floors, get rid of the traditional mop and bucket and instead get a microfiber mop. The nature of the fibers means they usually weigh less, are more water efficient and take up more soil than traditional mops. Also, in medical facilities that need to be ultra-clean, contamination can be avoided by swapping heads when moving to different rooms.

When it comes to home or small business office cleaning in a green, more environmentally friendly manner, a large impact can be made by simply changing chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment. It is hugely advantageous on a personal level as well because your employees, family and pets will be less exposed to toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and to old equipment that may cause avoidable injuries due to being outdated and unfit for purpose.


Learn more about small business office cleaning here.

Keeping the office clean in just a few simple steps.

Keeping yourself organized can be a big challenge, whether you are in a small business office space which is cramped, or you are working out of a small room in your home. For any office environment, a messy and cluttered desk is not ideal, but the truth is that the time wasted searching for office tools and needed documents simply cannot be replaced, and your productivity will certainly be lessened. Take a look at a few valuable suggestions that will help you to be much more organized.

Eliminate Those Old Papers
The truth of the matter is that so many of those papers cramping your quarters are most likely of no use to you anymore. Take the time to sort through those papers, and ask yourself if you truly need them. If the answer is no, get rid of them. Then organize a new system and cater it to your specific needs. And train yourself to think through, before printing, whether or not you truly need that paper you are considering printing. Do not waste time, paper, and filing on those things truly not that important for future reference.

Separate Pleasure and Business
It is so important to keep distractions away, no matter where it is that you do your work. Have a designated mail location so as to keep your home office free of distractions, and make sure you tell family members to make the necessary efforts to keep your work area clear of toys, tech gadgets, and anything else not related to your work. In the case of office employees, a big productivity killer can be smart phones, and cell phones. In a designated location, maintain your phone. Schedule specific break times to check it, rather than responding every time you hear it click.

Maintain Clean Floors
Very often, floors will get overlooked in an office environment, even though they are constantly being exposed to the world outside. So much junk is dragged in by people, dust, grime, and all sorts of other things, and these things build up quickly. This is why you should make a weekly practice of regular carpet steam cleaning, and also, at regular intervals you want to give a good steam clean to the carpets and floors. The fact of the matter is that if you go over a carpet that you just vacuumed, you will be shocked at the amount of grime you will put out. This is why small business carpet cleaning is just so important.

Keep Often-Used Items and Supplies Separate
A spot on your desk should be reserved for those daily use items you need like Post-It Notes, planners, pens, and your laptop. Other items such as envelopes, paper clips, staplers, and tape can be neatly stored in the drawers. This way, they are accessible easily, but will not take up valuable desk space.

Organize Your Computer
You want to clear up your virtual desktop, when it starts becoming obscured with icons. Then you want to take those items you will need again, and file them away. Those items you will not be needing should go to the recycle bin. These efforts will save you so much time when you need to search for documents.

Slow Things Down
Finding the proper time is one of the pitfalls to proper organization. Make the effort to organize your space properly, so that items, supplies, and files are simple to find. After you get things set properly, make certain that you maintain it. Doing so will certainly save you a lot of time moving forward.

Stay On Top Of Carpet Stain Removal
When you see that spot that seems to have been there forever, make the effort to get rid of it. The truth of the matter is that it is not going to simply disappear by itself!

The truth of the matter is that maintaining a tidy place to work and carpet stain removal is not really that hard to do. It simply takes a consistent, and steady effort on your part.


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