Know How To Plan A Successful Seminar For Your Business

You likely have been in the process of promoting your event for awhile, but you should consider, what really will bring the message home for many people? What is it that will give people a burst of energy, and make them pleased that they attended your seminar?

Regardless of whether it is training of your staff, a corporate seminar, or you are talking about personal relationships, there should be something in it for everyone who goes to the event. The little details are going to be what makes it truly epic instead of just an average, hum-drum seminar.

perfecting the art of running a successful seminar

The subject matter of the seminar does not matter, as along as you have gone over our “Corporate Seminar Checklist”. You can use this to make it an excellent show, as well as entertain your guests. You should be prepared fully to “wine and dine” them.

It is crucial that you do your research when it comes to any venues that you are considering, if you do not have your own in place already.

The following are some criteria that you should have in mind:

Is the venue well suited to the aesthetics of your company, or to the topic of your seminar? As an example, think about if you were to have an event that is based on farming sustainability, you may seem contradictory if you were to hold it in a high rise building. It would be more appropriate to have it be in a suburban or rustic area.

Are you going to need a PA while at the venue? Find out the quality of sound that the system offers. There is a good chance that you will talk to a big group of individuals, and should have great voice amplification. You will want to make sure that there is a top notch sound system at the venue. It can be quite draining to have to hear low quality sound and constant static when you are trying to hear someone’s voice.

In terms of a quality system, look out for brands such as Rode, Mackie, Yamaha, Shure, and Nexo. Behringer is not going to be an ideal brand for you. They offer a value for the money that you spend, so they are fine when you buy them new. When you go to shop for a system, be diligent and have someone else come along to get a better feel for how it sounds.

Think about how comfortable the seats are in the prospective hire venue. Ergonomic chairs are not always the best bet, as salespeople often will tell you. It can be complicated to find comfort with modern chairs. You will not want to have the chair be slightly higher at the front section than where you actually sit, because this will put more of a strain on your back. The chair should have a lower front section, so that it works with the natural curvature of one’s spine and makes the person sit up straight and be more attentive.

Another thing that you should consider is how much and what type of light is offered at the venue. There should be a good combination of natural lighting and fluorescent lights. If you ever have worked in an office cubical during a 9-5 shift, you know that it can be painful to sit in fake lighting all day. If you go this route, then you should plan for frequent breaks so people can get out into the fresh air.

Will you have handouts for the guests? Do you have access to a high quality printer? Look for a place that will provide you with a valuable deal. It can be worth it to go to your local Officeworks if you only have to run off a relatively small amount of copies.

After you have done all of this to find the right venue for you to hire, tick off boxes on the other aspect of running the seminar.


Is your price right for your seminar? You can afford to charge more when you offer greater quality and more amenities.

Are you adding value to the seminar?

Have you hired a speaker who is well known to come and speak to the audience? This can help you to draw in a larger crowd and charge more money.

If you hire a corporate catering company for feeding your guests, then this is going to be appealing. People will love to see tables that are full of beautifully presented and tasty finger food plates. This is a great way to keep energy levels high. It is important to have the right sustenance at such an event.

If you are worried that the cost are going outside of your budget, you may want to include a business that is similar to yours, but will not compete with your own offerings. Team up with people who have similar target markets.


Research the events that also will be going on at the same time. Make sure that yours does not conflict with industry related events in your area. When you find a date that will be solid, market it right away to your target audience so that there is little chance someone will grab up that date!

You will need to optimize your marketing plan to ensure that the date will stand out to the people you want to attend the event. Hopefully, most people will want to put it on their calendars immediately. It is very important that you have a constant presence when it comes to marketing.

The Crew

You should have a steady, well fed crew that can assist a speaker with building up energy in the room. They can check in on the audience members and maintain the peace that always should be the state of your environment.

Another aspect you should think of is documenting the attendance of your guests, including their personal information and if any have left. You can use this information to conduct a follow-up. See what you have done well and what you can do better.

In conclusion, you should have a solid checklist and double check to be sure that all of the criteria are met. Then, do all of the hard work that comes with making it a success. Think of it as an investment in your small business future.

How to find the right friendly cleaners for your small business

Even when you find a cleaner in Melbourne that you believe will provide the very best cleaning services, there are some steps you can take that will make certain that the best small business office cleaning will in fact occur. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

1) Get a handle on those loose papers that seem to just pile up all over the place. Besides simply looking awful, lack of proper organization invariably will cause you to not find what you are seeking at the time you need it.
– Filing cabinets get the job done! Properly labeling customer profiles, product specifications, vendor information and data, work orders and estimates and organizing them in the drawers of the file will prove to be such an asset when you need them.
– Mounted wall pockets and desktop trays can hold those items that you are currently referring to and need on hand immediately. Things like active customer accounts, job estimates and instructions, bills requiring immediate attention and phone messages will then be right on hand when you have to have them.
– If you are set up to do so, scanning documents and electronically storing them will save you a lot of space and a lot of need to move around to different areas in your efforts to locate things.

2) Make the effort to disinfect your restrooms. This is simply so important both for those working in the office, as well as any visitors stopping by. Restrooms should be cleaned each and every day because they truly are subject to a lot of daily traffic and you want to make certain no one will ever get sick from paying a visit.
– With a toilet brush and a good disinfecting cleaner, scrub those toilet bowls as best you can both inside and out. And never forget the lid and the seat as you are working with the disinfectant getting the job done. Between cleanings, you can help maintain freshness by putting toilet bowl disinfectant cakes to active use.
– Floors should be swept and mopped daily.
– Use that disinfectant when wiping down all counters and sink areas.
– Replace toilet tissue rolls when needed and keep those paper towel holders and soap dispensers filled. Just don’t let these relatively simple matters go attended.

3) Make certain to keep all your electronics dust free and clean. In those tight areas like fans, vents and keyboard keys, blast the dust out of small spaces with a good duster of some sort. You then want to use a disinfectant spray and a soft rag to wipe all the electronics down.

4) The room used for a break room should be cleaned carefully and consistently. Your employees good health and safety will be maintained in doing so in this area they relax, eat and drink. The added bonus by paying attention to this area will be the improved morale enjoyed by those using the area to get themselves feeling good!
– If there is a refrigerator in the room, wipe it down often with a rag that you dampen with a good disinfectant and never allow old food to simply sit there. When the food has been there too long, make certain to clean it out.
– All chairs, shelves, tables, sinks and countertops in the room should be consistently wiped down with a disinfectant when needed. The same applies to the microwave on hand.
– All dish and hand towels in the room should be washed daily and sponges used should be consistently replaced after usage.

5) Any garbage that accumulates in the restrooms, public area, conference room, office spaces and break room should be cleaned out along with the waste baskets, on a daily basis and whenever else needed!

6) If you have clients visiting at any time, the public area should be well-attended to as the first impression they get will often be a lasting one.
– Keep the floor vacuumed or mopped well.
– Make certain there are no marks showing on the walls.
– Any reading materials in the room for the customers enjoyment should be current and up to date.

7) Have all desks reasonably cleaned and organized using whatever organizational units that will help get the job done. An organized office area makes such a great impression on those visiting, while also having such a positive affect on those working there!

Good luck finding your small business office cleaner!

MICK o WAR, the man behind the SEO

MICKoWAR owns and runs a company dedicated to seo for small businesses. Mick deals with various industries at many different levels. MICKoWAR is an great Seo consultant who can how to make a small business boom.

Mick has little spare time; however, he loves performing with a atmospheric metal band and he is a renowned Doberman breeder. Mick is also an avid body-builder. He spent his formative years doing a number of jobs. He took on many artwork commissions and enjoyed working as a personal security guard. However, today he works on seo strategies for smaller online businesses. If you own a small operation that is not being properly marketed in the online world, maybe it’s time to contact Mick.

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Mickowar took a rest from being the SEO Guru in 2012. However, he began to notice that many of his small business websites were doing well, that not taking it back up would set his goals back. He took a sneak peak at the business web sites and decided there was a high demand for his creative marketing skills. Mick had found his vocation; he decided to continue with his marketing work. Since then, he has gone on to formulate leading business solutions for many a small business. At present, Mick’s clients range from well-established multi-million dollar companies to new micro businesses.

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Mick has hundreds of unique ideas for cheap small business websites and he would like to share his winning web expertise with you. Contact Mick today to kick some ass.

Protecting Your Files In A Really Simply Way

If you are curious about the latest and smartest of storage ideas for your computer, read through this entry, and you will learn something so simple and so effective, it’s amazing. It comes on the heels of a friend who worries a lot–excessively, really– about losing his data files such as invoices, documents and so on. Because he is so concerned, he puts them into his Dropbox and them places them in Google Drive’s storage up in the cloud.

Frankly, my business files are in Google Drive, and I put all other things in Dropbox. This works for me. I am a fan of both.

cloud backup websites

Of course, while storage in the cloud is awesome, there are the awful anecdotes of files getting hacked or simply getting lost out there in some sort of digital netherworld. What the every day user, the small business administrator or cheap website designer is unlikely to testify to is that the Dropbox was hacked into or that the Google server lost absolutely everything. Fortunately, things like that do not happen simultaneously with Dropbox or Google.

Remember, both Dropbox and the Google venue give people an app to put on your computer to access everything you have stored. It all works together. So, if you worry a lot about whether or not you will lose your files, place your Google drive stuff in your Dropbox folder. Your items will be, in effect, backed up to 2 global cloud storage companies.

This is so simple, people don’t think of it, or think it will never work. So how many users have really tried this technique? They should, and then they won’t be worried about the small business hack.