Our friends @ Hume Steel – Melbourne Engineering Company

At HUME STEEL Engineering, we specialize in the Fabricating and Manufacturing of products for several local industries.

We also custom make products from the Design and Fabrication stage to the Installation and Repairs of your Industrial Machinery, for Fabrication and Maintenance Service suppliers.

earth moving equipment fabrication

Both locally and nationally, Hume Steel and Engineering specializes in the steel fabrication Melbourne and creation of products suited to satisfy a wide variety of uses. We create metal products from the ground up, and can also design and install whatever your custom manufactured needs may be.

With a vast number of years in the trade to our credit, you can be assured that we possess the capabilities and perseverance to satisfactorily complete your job to the highest standard.

Our Experience lies the areas of Fitting and Turning, CNC Machining as well as Plant repairs including the Maintenance of Earth Moving and Mining Machinery.

Our expertise enables us to conduct Plant repairs on Turning & Fitting, CNC Machining, Mining & Earth Moving machinery etc.

References are available in Customised Shop Fittings and Food Trucks, and we also are accustomed to Architectural Fabrication.

The staff at HUME STEEL have a mixture of experience in several industries, including Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Printing and Packaging, Structural Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel Fabrications and Specialty Design, Project Management and Implementation.

Contact us today to discuss or schedule a meeting to determine your specific needs. We definitely look forward to hearing from you.

If you have need of our services, call us to find out how we will be able to satisfactorily serve your needs.

How to find the right friendly cleaners for your small business

Even when you find a cleaner in Melbourne that you believe will provide the very best cleaning services, there are some steps you can take that will make certain that the best small business office cleaning will in fact occur. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

1) Get a handle on those loose papers that seem to just pile up all over the place. Besides simply looking awful, lack of proper organization invariably will cause you to not find what you are seeking at the time you need it.
– Filing cabinets get the job done! Properly labeling customer profiles, product specifications, vendor information and data, work orders and estimates and organizing them in the drawers of the file will prove to be such an asset when you need them.
– Mounted wall pockets and desktop trays can hold those items that you are currently referring to and need on hand immediately. Things like active customer accounts, job estimates and instructions, bills requiring immediate attention and phone messages will then be right on hand when you have to have them.
– If you are set up to do so, scanning documents and electronically storing them will save you a lot of space and a lot of need to move around to different areas in your efforts to locate things.

2) Make the effort to disinfect your restrooms. This is simply so important both for those working in the office, as well as any visitors stopping by. Restrooms should be cleaned each and every day because they truly are subject to a lot of daily traffic and you want to make certain no one will ever get sick from paying a visit.
– With a toilet brush and a good disinfecting cleaner, scrub those toilet bowls as best you can both inside and out. And never forget the lid and the seat as you are working with the disinfectant getting the job done. Between cleanings, you can help maintain freshness by putting toilet bowl disinfectant cakes to active use.
– Floors should be swept and mopped daily.
– Use that disinfectant when wiping down all counters and sink areas.
– Replace toilet tissue rolls when needed and keep those paper towel holders and soap dispensers filled. Just don’t let these relatively simple matters go attended.

3) Make certain to keep all your electronics dust free and clean. In those tight areas like fans, vents and keyboard keys, blast the dust out of small spaces with a good duster of some sort. You then want to use a disinfectant spray and a soft rag to wipe all the electronics down.

4) The room used for a break room should be cleaned carefully and consistently. Your employees good health and safety will be maintained in doing so in this area they relax, eat and drink. The added bonus by paying attention to this area will be the improved morale enjoyed by those using the area to get themselves feeling good!
– If there is a refrigerator in the room, wipe it down often with a rag that you dampen with a good disinfectant and never allow old food to simply sit there. When the food has been there too long, make certain to clean it out.
– All chairs, shelves, tables, sinks and countertops in the room should be consistently wiped down with a disinfectant when needed. The same applies to the microwave on hand.
– All dish and hand towels in the room should be washed daily and sponges used should be consistently replaced after usage.

5) Any garbage that accumulates in the restrooms, public area, conference room, office spaces and break room should be cleaned out along with the waste baskets, on a daily basis and whenever else needed!

6) If you have clients visiting at any time, the public area should be well-attended to as the first impression they get will often be a lasting one.
– Keep the floor vacuumed or mopped well.
– Make certain there are no marks showing on the walls.
– Any reading materials in the room for the customers enjoyment should be current and up to date.

7) Have all desks reasonably cleaned and organized using whatever organizational units that will help get the job done. An organized office area makes such a great impression on those visiting, while also having such a positive affect on those working there!

Good luck finding your small business office cleaner!

The Foundation Of a Good ol’ Melbourne Concrete Polishing Project

Concrete handling is a professional job that requires a great deal of concentration and precision. You can truly ruin your project if you are the slightest bit inattentive about it. For example, the concrete could crack if you pour it incorrectly. It is best for you to ensure that someone performs the project perfectly the first time.
Be Certain of Your Desire

The process of choosing the right concrete polishing company can be cumbersome because so many small businesses exist. However, you can trim some of the fat if you have a list of elements that you desire the company you choose to have. For example, do you need REO bars?

Cement Mixing Procedures

The first element that you will need to consider is which stone type you want mixed with your cement. The stone is a crucial element because it gives the cement its visual appeal. Therefore, you want to choose a stone that provides exactly what you desire.
Limestone is a very common choice of stones. People choose limestone for a wide variety of reasons. Some people choose it because it is inexpensive, and other people choose it because it is common. Many highways and buildings have limestone cement. Limestone is durable and easily processed.
Trap rock and granite are two other options for you to consider. Trap rock is darker in color and lighter in weight than limestone is. Granite is lighter in color and in weight. Some people believe that both of these stones are superior to limestone.
Sandstone is what you want to choose if you are looking for a sparkly appearance. Sandstone can give you that gorgeous appearance you desire, but it can also cause you some problems. For one, sandstone absorbs a large amount of moisture. Secondly, sandstone is prone to cracking if it sits in a humid part of the world.
Synthetic pebbles are an eco-friendly option that can totally illuminate the area. You can choose them if you are looking for a stylish bright appearance. Pre cast concrete is another option.
Additional Cement Options

You can create some additional appearances by color-dying your cement. You can make it look like brick, stones or alternative textures.
The first step you need to take is hiring a professional concrete polisher to grind and clear your path. This person must be a professional with industrial steel fabricators Melbourne experience so that he or she can perform precise work.
Ask the person to show you credentials so you know that he or she has concrete grinding and civil engineering experience. Perfect cement pouring must occur for your project to flourish.

Finishing Touches

After the cement is set, you will have to conduct some glossing procedures and adding some finishing touches. Then you can have a small cleaning business come and do the final cleanup.
Clean Up

The last step in the process is cleaning. Make sure that you hire friendly cleaners in Melbourne who will get the job done the first time. The cleaners need to clean several times to get all the grime.

Square Peg, Round Hole: RWD is not the answer

In his book, Ethan Marcotte (who coined the term ‘Responsive Web Design’) states “But most importantly, responsive web design isn’t intended to serve as a replacement for mobile web sites.” Much of the controversy regarding RWD is a result of people using RWD instead of specific mobile sites as a long-term solution, rather than in addition to a mobile site or until a mobile site can be made.

Ethan coirned the term RWD

At first, Responsive Web Design appears to be an amazing solution. A responsive site means that you only need to make one site, which in turn means that there is less maintenance and Search Engine Optimisation needed, and therefore it is not as expensive. This may appear to be an advantage, but it isn’t.


RWD is cheaper, but ‘cheaper’ very rarely coincides with ‘better’. A responsive site is made for all devices, but this also means that it isn’t made specifically for one. A platform-specific user interface will usually lead to a better user experience than a generic user interface. RWD is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Another major flaw of RWD is its data usage. RWD assumes that the device is desktop, and then scales it according to the device. This means that a RWD site will load excessive data that it won’t even use, such as full resolution images that are too big for the screen. Considering that mobile data is severely limited, wasting data on unnecessary detail is simply not acceptable. If your site chews through your user’s mobile data, they are going to stop using your site.


Senior Account Manager at SiteMinis Randy Ferree argues that a responsive design is better than no mobile-optimised experience at all, but responsive design is only a temporary solution to a bigger problem.


A sentiment is shared by Patrick Emmons, director of professional services at Adage Technologies, who states that responsive design is a “smart move”, as it is “easy and safe…if you don’t have the resources to invest in a specific platform.”


The appeal behind RWD is that it is cheap and (comparatively) easy compared to a full-fledged mobile site, which makes it suitable for individuals or small companies. However, for large companies RWD is not acceptable, as it offers an inferior user experience than a dedicated mobile site. Companies that treat their users poorly tend to not have customers for very long if those customers have any choice. Offering an inferior experience to mobile users in order to save money will make those users feel as though they are regarded as inferior customers, and they will instead use an alternative that offers a more complete mobile experience.


If you can afford mobile website design, you should make one. A mobile user is no different than any other user, and they should be treated as such.

More info on small business web designers

Good Reasons To Hire A Small Business Accountant In Melbourne

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Melbourne Small Business Accountant

Everybody gets a little stressed out when tax time rolls around. They hate the thought of being audited. I wonder what they’d do if they knew there was a great way to put their minds at ease and end the stress? There really is a way to pull this off – hire an accountant.

A good thing about having an accountant is that their services are much more valuable than just for tax purposes, especially if you run a small business. It’s true that many small business owners see hiring an accountant as just another expense that only the huge corporations can deal with. That is simply not the case. Here are reasons you need to hire a small business accountant melbourne –

(1). Time and Money Savings – When you try to handle your own small business accounting you are using up time that you could be earning more money. An accountant would only cost you a small part of what you earn. They would also do a much better job on the accounting as well as on many other parts of your business. It actually ‘saves’ you money to hire an accountant. It doesn’t need to be on a full-time basis, just enough to get the job done.

There have many small business owners down through the years who tried to handle their accounting responsibilities themselves, believing it would save them money. In the end they lost out big time. They put in hours of work for no return.

(2). Accountants know how to help you work in stride with the government calculator. Everyone is well aware of the unforgiving nature of the government when it comes to taxes. Having accountant helps you avoid any pitfalls that could put your business in danger of going under. They keep you abreast of new tax laws, new tax codes, and do many other things like –

Prepare Periodic Account Statements
Maintain Records of Expenditures & Revenues
Handle Your Loan Applications
Organize the Stock Allocations
Manage Your Payroll

tax time accounting Melbourne

and many other functions that will take a lot of heat and pressure off of you, so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

(3). They Give Valuable Advice – Accountants are excellent business plan creators. They are up on the latest in software innovations and can help you create very important financial projections. Having a great business plan is crucial to your success.

(4). They Can Help Avoid Losing Money – This is the same as ‘saving’ you money. They watch out for your financial plan by calculating more efficient ways of applying your cost outlay. Money better spent is money saved. It brings you a better ROI.

(5). They Help Get Loans Easier – With an accountant backing your financial structure the banks see how serious you are. An accountant will ensure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted, which looks good on your loan application. They also understand all about the loan process and can advise you on how to fill out the paperwork.

accounting for growth

It only makes good sense when you own a small business to invest in it by hiring a small business accountants melbourne.

10 Things You Should Take into account With Rented Office Space

At some point, working in a community of small business proprietors could at times be frustrating particularly in when things get out of hand with Cheltenham office space for rent.

Below are great tips that everybody can consider on board to making working in a shared office space not only manageable, but enjoyable as well!

1. Fun! Is not restricted to huge company owners, those who belong in the bracket of small company could also savor and feel the “FUN”. In some situations, this is the only thing that could make the day worthwhile. Wear a smile and don’t let the negatives enter your zen space. Remember that smiles are contagious as what the famous saying goes. Those smiles will bring in positivity towards the entire environment including the people within the place. This action will not only put a good aura within you but you will have the opportunity to share it also.board room for hire

2. Embrace your zen, bring your little pleasures to work. It may be some great pot plants, it can be a picture of your family. Whatever small touches you are able to take to not only customise your own workplace, but also make it a place of happiness, the more productive you’ll become every single day. Sure it would be great if all offices would enable you to bring in pets, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

3. Never bring your bad mood to work, we all have our hang-ups and bad days, we don’t have to vent it on others. Everybody has their own problems going and don’t need somebody else trampling in and adding to the mix. It would be a more irritating day of work if everybody will be occupied managing their own issues. Now, stop thinking of that for a second and think about the complete opposite, everybody helping each other achieve their goals. This will certainly be a great idea.

4. Nobody would like to sit in silence, let’s get some tunes that everyone can savor happening. For myself I’ve often had quite distinct tastes to everyone else, but there is always music that everyone can relish. Soothing music will do and will certainly put everybody in a good note. Always remember what mother’s always states, “ It doesn’t need to be a rock concert”.

Cheltenham space

5. Don’t be afraid to chip in, shared office spaces are inexpensive and survive with a great small community of business owners. If there is a communal fridge and you’re continually dipping in to it, grab a slab of water, or drinks to keep everybody’s supplies topped up.

6. Talk with your office buddies, sure you may be in different businesses all together, but there’s no reason we can’t all be friends. It just adds to a better working ambiance, which is lacking in all too many offices. Who knows, a simple discussion with a fellow businessman/businesswoman could easily turn into them selling you to someone they recognize. Networking 101.

7. Keep your space tidy, nobody wants their workplace to appear like a dump site. Most of the time bins are provided, but you are ultimately responsible for your area. If you find your rubbish bins are filling up, get rid of it when you finish up for the day. It’s not a matter of just being considerate but its more on getting making your space more rewarding for work.

8. Always make newbies feel welcome because you might end up becoming friends in the long run. Again, this will also result in building your own great business networking skills as well.
9. You have to be responsible with your guests, ensure you will lead them accordingly within your space. Because your guests aren’t acquainted with the 10 Commandments of the awesome office space you are part of, it could easily disrupt the natural balance and Commandment 3 could easily get trampled on quite unintentionally.

10. Be kind and disseminate work. If you can give work to somebody at the office and hook somebody you know up with someone you trust to get the work done, do it. You don’t need to be a genius to find out what you ca n do to make someone opinion of you change or develop more on the good side. If you’re regularly connecting people up, suddenly this makes you a key person of influence, generally speaking, that’s the person you must strive to be.

You might find it very direct. Living up to this commandments will lead you towards success and will ultimately put everyone in the winning end.

Wishing your business well and may it flourish into something beyond what you have envisioned it to be.

Excellent websites make more cash.

It’s the main reason we are around. Every company, both huge and small, requires a properly designed web site. Most businessmen make use of the Web to look for suppliers and many people want to do company with companies who have a strong internet presence, ie one that has gone through large amounts of small business SEO, or one that markets with Pay Per Click advertisements. Businesses with an excellent search engine ranking and a strong presentation have a clear advantage on those that do not. Never ever give your company measures up to the opportunity to take bargains from under your nose. Develop a fantastic website to maximise company potential. A great web designer will be able to ensure your site looks the way your consumers require it to be to feel safe to purchase from you.

An Internet Website Makes a Start-up Company Operate Effectively

Browse friendly sites give niche businesses a simple methods to having brand-spanking-new clients discover them. A properly designed websites assists a business to run smoothly and effectively. Market your items or services online and potential clients can locate them rapidly and easily. Cleverly designed web sites are filled with present content that can be upgraded at a moment’s notification.how-to-do-marketing-Melbourne

Websites Are A Cheap Means To Market Your Small Biz

Buying a professional best small business website designer typically brings excellent monetary rewards. Calling consumers personally requires time, and time costs loads of money. Web sites offer a low-cost method of finding brand-new customers and an excellent internet presence will unavoidably spend for itself over an amount of time, allowing you to invest capital into growing your small companies Search Engine Optimization efforts.

A Website Enhances Company Perception

Individuals prefer to handle credible businesses and a properly designed, high ranking internet site develops a favorable impression. Providing your company in a good light offers prospective consumers a great insight into your business. Well presented business get trustworthiness in business world, so it is necessary to provide your company confidently and with passion.

An Internet Presence Can Transform Prospects as a Sales Tool

Where Search Engine Optimization is marketing, a website is your sales conversion device. All small companies ought to focus on producing new leads and inexpensive list building helps new companies to grow and grow. The internet is a great way of marketing your business online and a comprehensive site will certainly contain everything existing customers have to suggest your business. A fantastic web design is a virtual business card and present customers can suggest your business to others.

Produce Pre-qualified Leads with a The Competence of a Business Web Designer

Pre-qualify your business leads with an extensive business internet site and not your “extra” time. A lot can be picked up from looking at a site and prospective customers search for vibrant sites that are upgraded routinely. Growing companies need an excellent web discussion that sets their business apart from others.

Customers can Easily Gain access to Websites at Anytime They’d Like.

Individuals utilize the Internet to find products and services and a top quality site makes their shopping experience more enjoyable. Potential buyers can see items and inspect rates on an internet site and this saves them money and time. Buyers don’t wish to invest priceless time seeing goods and comparing costs when they can see the products by means of an internet site.

The fact that potential customers and clients alike can browse or purchase from your website at a time that is hassle-free to them suggests the opportunities of prospect conversion will substantially rise.

Begin your journey here…


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Inexpensive site design for small companies in Oakleigh!

As a regional business internet designer to the Oakleigh district, Nothing But Net is looking to help raise bench for all the regional small businesses. With a strong sense of customised customer care, our web design business attempts to push the limits of the digital world, now providing budget-friendly online services.
What sets us apart from other web guruss?
The difference between us and the other professional web designers are as below:
-We love simple design elements in our work.
-Complicated website designs are put straight in the bin!
-We’re not working out of an attic with restricted daylight entering the space.
-We’re extremely social web folks
-On the team is Mick Owar, the GREATEST Website Designer Dude, Ever, Ever.cheap websites Melbourne
-Our web designer team are likewise sports addicts.
Kindly inform me what I can come to expect from your web design businesses?
Of course! You can expect just the very best, many user friendly web site CMS known to mankind. We will certainly jump at giving your business the “Simplicity Makeover” assist make your websites presence one that can be made sense of.

Cheap SEO Melbourne
Oh really? Well that’s great, however I in fact did mean what options can I get with my site?
Well.. of course, sorry – Nothing But Net, the name says all of it! If it’s it’s an add-on that can go with assisting your web design look better, chances are we can get it done. However to provide some services we offer, kindly see below:
-Professional photography
-Professional copy services
-Business logo design
-Online marketing, including cheap SEO, you know, encouraging people easily discover you!
-Promo videos.
-Gmail setup (Only on Gmails incredible email servers!).web design businesses
We can even help you discover stock images for your home- business website, rather than taking professional pictures, we can discover potentially better photos already online, which is just another way we enhance this online procedure.
Even if you’ve had a site which is now thought of as old school history (ie, older than 3 years) or you are a start- up company planning to engage the online world, there is an excellent chance Nothing But Net will certainly have web design bundles that will certainly not only fit your requirements, but also assist you get respect in the online world!
So really, what have you got to lose? Nothing? That’s what I thought!
Alright, so I understand it stated the cost up the top, but exactly what is an expert business web design going to cost me?
If you just get the 5 page basic web designer plan, it will remain at $20 each week for 2 years, which ends up being $2080 as the minimum agreement period. If you at anytime refer other business owners to us, we will certainly reward both of you with a discount of $1 per week, basically making your website more affordable long term.

Welcome Melbourne business owners to your local business website builder!

As a regional business web designer to the Oakleigh district, Nothing But Net is looking to help raise bench for all the regional companies. With a strong sense of customised customer care, our cheap web design company tries to press the boundaries of the digital world, now offering inexpensive online services.
What sets us apart from other internet people?
The main difference between us & other website designers is listed below:
-We love to see simplicity in our work.
-Complicated website designs are thrown directly in the bin!
-We’re not working out of an attic with restricted sunlight entering the room.
-We’re extremely social internet folks
-On the team is Mick, the GREATEST Website Design Dude, Ever, Ever.
-Our web design team are likewise sports addicts.
Please inform me exactly what I can anticipate for my small company?
You got it! You can anticipate just the very best, many user friendly web site CMS known to us. We will certainly jump at offering your small business the “Simplicity Makeover” to help make your online presence one that can be easily understood.
Oh is that so? Well that’s great, however I actually meant what choices do I get with my business website?
Well.. of course, apologies – Nothing But Net, the name states all of it! If it’s it’s an extra that goes with assisting your website look much better, chances are we can do it. However to provide some examples, kindly see this list below:
-Product photographs
-Sales copy services
Business logo design
-SEO, you know, so that people actually discover you!
-Promo videos.
-Email setup (Only on Gmails remarkable servers!).
We may even assist you find free stock images for your home based business site, as opposed to taking expert images, we can discover possibly much better photos already online, that are just another way we enhance this online web process.
Whether you’ve had a site which is now thought of as old school history (ie, older than 3 years) or you are a start- up business looking to engage the digital world, there is a likelihood Nothing But Net will certainly have site bundles that will not only match your requirements, but also help you get respect in the digital world!
So really, have you got anything to lose?
Alright, so I understand it said the price up the top, however exactly what is an expert business site going to set me back?
If you only get the 5 page basic web designer bundle, it will remain at $20 weekly for 2 years, which ends up at $2080 as the minimum arrangement duration. If you at anytime refer other entrepreneurs to us, we will reward both of you with a discount of $1 per week, essentially making your website much cheaper long term.

Hold the press! – Business Online Melbourne Internet Advertising Agency Now Has a brand-new Front – Nothing But Net Business Web Design business in Melbourne now does SEO

Nothing But Net, an awesome website design business based in Melbourne, Victoria, has actually now broadened its startup business kick starting services with the current addition of SEO, more specifically Search Engine Optimisation! Obviously you might ask “What the hell does this mean for me?”. Well, put simply, each and every week, we’ll put time aside to enhance awareness of your companies web site, developing a strong foundation for your web site to be discovered naturally with leads who are eager on possibly using you! In other words, you might ask yourself, exactly what would it suggest to you if your sales conversion tool (namely web site) had the ability to deal with more visitors?

Being the director of Nothing But Net, Mick Owar is a skilled SEO Jedi who has made it through the great Algorithm changes that took place from 2012 onwards, being that of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Having absolutely no websites that were impacted by the changes in site ranking that occurred throughout these times, Mick, likewise called the SEO Jedi has stood tall with high ranking internet sites scattered throughout the Web.

With the digital world growing each day, do you truly desire to be excluded from all the possible online leads that are looking to be your customer!?

business website design

Lets skip the sales pitch, inform me what you’ve done!
Well first of all, ask yourself, how did you get here? The only marketing that we perform is Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing, so we’ve proven ourselves with that point. We’ve seen Education placement businesses grow significantly from our optimisation efforts, within only eight weeks for essential longer tail keywords.

Some other rankings include
-Doberman breeder based in Melbourne, ranked in the leading places for all the most essential crucial phrases – Australia broad, funnelling almost all appropriate leads straight to the “money website”.
-Banner printing & design company that services bands, also ranking extremely high for the finest keywords for it’s specific niche.

So to conclude this press release, we hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about exactly what makes our services work for our small company friends. Get in touch so that we can personally help you grow your company into an online sensation.

Nothing But Net motto is: “Because I’m looking out for the little guy!”