Geen Cleaning Products Rule For Cleaners In Melbourne

These days there is no excuse for cleaning the home or workplaces in an environmentally unfriendly way. So if you want the best cleaning services and indeed friendly cleaners Melbourne has to offer, read on.

Traditionally, bathroom cleaning will be achieved using such products as glass cleaners, disinfectants and acid bowl cleaners. Although they are excellent at doing the job, the problem is their negative effects on the environment and users, due to the toxicity of their ingredients. Also, some cleaners are certainly not renewable due to being made from petroleum ingredients. So wouldn’t using a water based product be a greener option?

Another negative from the traditional cleaning techniques used by home owners and residential companies is the way they clean surfaces with white cotton cloths. As these cloths are moved across different surfaces and areas there is always the risk of cross-contaminating the surfaces.

Bathroom floor cleaning also has its downside as the floors are cleaned with a sponge mop, cotton mop or rag after being swept with a dust mop or broom.

The solution is to employ a greener way of cleaning.

With bathrooms, cleaning with environmentally friendly tools, products and methods means an overall safer, efficient and cleaner process. Start the changeover by choosing products that pose fewer dangers to the environment, human and aquatic life. Local distributors usually hold at least one certified, non-hazardous, eco-friendly product.

Of course, bathroom cleaning holds the risk of cross-contaminating surface during disinfection. Avoid this by using microfiber cloths that are color-coded. For example:

Yellow: Toilets
Red: Taps and mirrors
Blue:Benchtops and sinks

When it comes to vacuum cleaning the floor in a green way, use a cleaner with an approved, high quality HEPA filter. This is better than sweeping that caused dust to become airborne and spreads soil particles into crevices.

For green mopping of floors, get rid of the traditional mop and bucket and instead get a microfiber mop. The nature of the fibers means they usually weigh less, are more water efficient and take up more soil than traditional mops. Also, in medical facilities that need to be ultra-clean, contamination can be avoided by swapping heads when moving to different rooms.

When it comes to home or small business office cleaning in a green, more environmentally friendly manner, a large impact can be made by simply changing chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment. It is hugely advantageous on a personal level as well because your employees, family and pets will be less exposed to toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and to old equipment that may cause avoidable injuries due to being outdated and unfit for purpose.


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